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Medical Laboratory Science Degree FAQs

What is an MLS degree?

A Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) degree program is an undergraduate program designed to develop science and research skills for employment in hospital laboratories upon completion. The medical laboratory scientist program teaches students to conduct laboratory testing of blood, urine, tissue, and other specimens. By gaining advanced laboratory testing skills, students learn to use instrumentation and advanced technology to identify disease-causing bacteria as well as provide lab results that enable practitioners to determine diagnosis and treatment options.

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Why choose Bellarmine University for my MLS Degree?

Bellarmine’s high standards of academic quality are reflected in our 100 percent employment rate for students enrolled in our Medical Laboratory Science degree program at our campus in Louisville, Kentucky. Our traditional MLS program was established in 2001, and our graduates’ certification exam passing rates are above the national average (100 percent first-time pass rate for 2020). With at least 560 clinical hours in all clinical laboratory disciplines, students receive a thorough practical education aimed at promoting career success. Students emerge from the medical laboratory scientist program ready to pursue their professional goals.

Is the MLS degree 100 percent online?

This new hybrid MLS program is offered online, but the clinical internship and some laboratory sessions must be completed in person. A faculty member will assign you a clinical placement that takes your location into consideration.

What can I do with an MLS degree?

MLS degrees are primarily designed to move students into positions as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, qualified to practice in a clinical laboratory. However, students have multiple options with an MLS degree and can pursue careers in various fields. Laboratory, research and quality assurance roles are all viable options for students with an MLS degree. With additional education, students may also move into advanced positions such as doctor, dentist or physician assistant.

Are there prerequisites for an MLS degree?

In order to apply for Bellarmine’s MLS degree, students must meet admission requirements and science/math prerequisites. Prospective students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5, submit an official transcript from previous colleges attended and a personal statement. For a comprehensive list of potential requirements, visit our MLS Prerequisites and Requirements page.