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Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Curriculum and Coursework at Bellarmine

Gain Skills with an MLS Degree

Bellarmine’s Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) degree program is designed for transfer students following an accumulation of 51 credits as well as those seeking a second bachelor’s degree. This degree promotes extensive learning in the sciences and direct application of laboratory skills. Throughout the program, students will learn to use biomedical instrumentation and technology to analyze blood and body fluids, providing information that helps physicians with patient diagnosis and treatment. In addition, students will develop the necessary communication and management skills for success in a laboratory environment. Student development is accomplished through online academic learning along with hands-on clinical experience. All MLS students will gain a thorough knowledge of medical science topics, including:

  • Clinical Chemistry: Analyze physiological functions of the human body.
  • Medical Microbiology: Identify disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • Hematology: Identify and analyze blood cells.
  • Clinical Immunology: Assess the body’s responses to disease.
  • Immunohematology: Understand blood banking and transfusion medicine.
  • Molecular Diagnostics: Use DNA/RNA to identify diseases or microorganisms.

Students can transfer applicable math and science credits toward this 4-year bachelor’s degree to expedite their graduation process. Throughout the process, students experience a mixture of online courses and in-person labs to provide students with a thorough learning experience. The program culminates in clinical internship where students are empowered to move beyond academic knowledge into practical application. After graduating from Bellarmine’s MLS degree program, students are prepared to sit for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) national board examination, which is considered the premier certification for Medical Laboratory Scientists.  Bellarmine MLS exam pass rates are consistently above the national average.

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Learning Outcomes

Bellarmine’s Medical Laboratory Science degree program is designed to promote a relevant learning experience so that students can apply their acquired knowledge to a career in the healthcare industry. The MLS program provides a base of scientific knowledge that students can readily put to use in their clinical practice. Students will also develop their critical thinking abilities, learn to perform lab testing accurately and efficiently, and grow into ethical healthcare professionals.

Clinical & Research Placements

Students in the MLS program complete a semester-long clinical internship to enhance their hands-on skills and learn in an actual clinical laboratory environment. The internship occurs during the last semester of the senior year. Placements are determined the previous semester by MLS faculty with input from the students. Bellarmine maintains connections with many affiliate sites in order to provide students and faculty members with a variety of options for placement.

MLS Curriculum

Total Credits: 69

Semester 1 Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleTotal Credit Hours
MDLS 310Foundational Skills in Medical Laboratory Science1
MDLS 300Immunology3
MDLS 320Medical Laboratory Science Seminar I1
MDLS 437Clinical Immunology3
MDLS 438Clinical Immunology Laboratory1
MDLS 315Hematology3
MDLS 316Hematology Laboratory1
MDLS 445Clinical Chemistry I3
Semester 1 Total Credits:16

Semester 2 Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleTotal Credit Hours
MDLS 430Medical Laboratory Science Seminar II1
MDLS 446Laboratory Quality Management1
MDLS 327Mycology and Parasitology2
MDLS 317Hematopathology3
MDLS 318Hematopathology Laboratory1
MDLS 447Clinical Chemistry II3
MDLS 328Immunohematology3
MDLS 329Immunohematology Laboratory2
Semester 2 Total Credits:16

Semester 3 Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleTotal Credit Hours
MDLS 436Urinalysis and Body Fluids3
IDC 401Senior Seminar3
MDLS 423Molecular Techniques1
MDLS 424Molecular Diagnostics3
MDLS 325Medical Microbiology4
MDLS 326Medical Microbiology Laboratory3
MDLS 440Medical Laboratory Science Seminar III1
Semester 3 Total Credits:18

Semester 4 Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleTotal Credit Hours
MDLS 435Laboratory Management2
MDLS 480Senior Capstone Project2
MDLS 485Medical Laboratory Science Clinical Internship14
MDLS 486Comprehensive Medical Laboratory Science Examination1
Semester 4 Total Credits:19